It is often said that if you have traveller’s luck then you might be able to witness polo matches in Leh, the only con is that thereafter you might not be able to enjoy polo matches elsewhere again.

The energy and the constant running of the ponies, the whoosh of the ball up and drop to meet the unerring aim at the goal post makes it a pompous affair loved by the spectators.


But such screenings happen during fixed intervals of the year and so it may be the case that you the grand affair. But travelling Ladakh with Saboo comes with kind benefits and one of them is special arrangements to Polo Matches. “Hold you breath while the players take on each other with the ball being tossed up and the opponent runs to bag it, aiming it towards the goal post and hits it from his club that sounds like the crack of the doom!” Yes, that’s Polo in Ladakh and you can witness the grandeur with Saboo.

Feel The Luxury at Saboo Resorts

The special arrangement of the matches comes with an add-on. You not enjoy the game but also get to be the judge. We believe in offering you the ultimate luxury and so you get to decide the player of the match, best goal and of course felicitate the winners with medals and certificates. if this wasn't enough, we can arrange to sit on the pony and try a shot yourself.