Leh, strategically located on the Old Silk Route, offers a cultural experience like no other. The rich in diversity heritage that the town beholds has a distinctive flavour that can only be experienced and cherished.

The city is in festivity mode during few seasons and so many tourists flock during those months to participate and be a spectator of the grandiose. But with Saboo Resorts, you get to can take pleasure in special cultural nights with bonfire.

Special Cultural Evenings

We understand that new age travellers do not travel to the barren yet beautiful land of the Himalayas for the mountains and the views but also to understand the heritage it withholds, the food people eat and the way they live their lives. To this we ensure to give you a glimpse of the Tibetan Culture with folk dance and music events at the resort. The host, Mr. Odpal George takes major initiative and special interest in making exclusive arrangements for the guests over bonfire, food and drinks.

Sneak into our Heritage

Gigantic colourful masks, traditional dancing and singing are a common sight at the many cultural festivities that take place in the Leh region and often enjoyed by both the locals and the travellers flocking in and out. But for that the festival dates need to be noted before flying to Ladakh. Travel with Saboo and we promise to celebrate the local culture outside your cottage at the resort.